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A good diet is the cornerstone of every weight loss journey. If you stop filling your mouth full of junk, then you’re bound to see positive results almost right away. You know this, I know this, and yet we’re all guilty of shying away from healthy eating now and then.


Two reasons; you think healthy meals don’t taste nice, and you think they take ages to cook.

Well, bearing that in mind, here are some healthy meal ideas that are both delicious and quick:

black beans in a white bowl with wooden spoon

Rice and Beans

An effortless dish, yet extremely healthy and nutritious. Rice is an excellent source of carbs, and if you choose wholegrain rice, then you get additional fibre as well. You can pretty much choose any beans you like, but black beans are excellent as they taste nice, they’re not too hard, and they’re a brilliant source of protein and fibre. The final ingredient you need is a can of chopped tomatoes – and some spinach as well if you want.

So, four ingredients and plenty of nutritional benefits for you to enjoy. To make life even easier, all you need for this recipe is a cheap microwave. It doesn’t need any fancy features, just one that heats food up! Then, you pour the tomatoes beans and spinach in a bowl/container and heat until the tomatoes and beans are piping hot. Then, get a bag of microwavable rice and follow the instructions. Add the two things together, and you’re done. It’ll take around 5-8 minutes, depending on your microwave.

Flatbread Pizza & Salad

How can a pizza be healthy? Well, it’s all about how you make it. Here, you use wholemeal flatbread as your base – which instantly cuts the calories and makes it ideal for weight loss. Then, you use chopped tomatoes or passata as the pizza sauce – you could put this in a bowl and add some type of sweetener just to offset the acidity of the tomatoes if you want. From here, you can pimp your pizza with any healthy toppings you like; try low-fat cheese, peppers, sweetcorn, and a sprinkling of mixed herbs.

The cheese gives you protein, and the veggies give you lots of good nutrients and vitamins. To add to this meal, make a simple salad involving your favourite things. Some rocket, cucumbers, feta cheese, and olives will go together nicely. Dress with balsamic vinegar or a low-fat salad dressing of choice. The pizzas take a couple of minutes to put together, then they cook until the cheese melts under the grill. While they’re cooking, you can make the salad!

We’ve only got time for two delicious healthy recipes today, but there are so many possibilities out there. A quick and easy stir fry – but without using oil – is another brilliant idea. If you buy pre-cooked meat, then the whole thing will take around 5 minutes to make.

The point is, the options are endless! You can eat healthily while enjoying your food and spending minimal time in the kitchen. What are your healthy meal ideas?

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